Wellsboro Loop 

Distance: 44 miles                Topo/GPS Map 

This is my favorite ride. It begins and ends in Wellsboro, which is convenient, there is really only one hill and it's half the size of most hills you face on rides in this book.  You pass through a wide variety of landscapes, March Creek Valley, Pine Creek Canyon, big woods along Stony Fork, and farm country coming up Kelsey Street.  The Village of Blackwell is a bit over the half way point.  After Blackwell, there are a number of excellent swimming holes and picnic areas to help pass the afternoon.  The downside to this ride is that there is sometime heavy traffic on Rt. 414, you have to wade across Babbs Creek, and the last 7 miles are on regular paved road, which also carries more traffic than most other segments in this book.

Getting There
Start anywhere in Wellsboro. The description of the ride will start at the Green in the center of town. 

Top of the hill on Fischler Street just outside Wellsboro
One of the many swimming holes found along Stony Fork Road

Route Description
Proceed west on Main Street, away from the shopping district, .6 miles to Stickly Street. Turn right on Stickly for .1 mile to Fischler Street.  Turn left on Fischler Street and continue out of town and up a hill.  In about 1.4 miles you get to the top of the hill.  Looking back, enjoy the view of Wellsboro and looking forward, the view over Marsh Creek Valley. Another .6 miles brings you to Upper Heise Run Road. Turn left and proceed downhill .7 miles to Heise Run Road. Turn right and go .4 miles to Rt. 6.

Cross Rt. 6 and continue .5 miles on Webster Road to the Pine Creek Bike Path.  Turn left onto the bike path and continue 22 miles to the Village of Blackwell. The scenery in Pine Creek Canyon is very dramatic with many views of towering 1,000' high canyon walls.  Be sure to look for eagles along the way. The eagles nest about 4.0 miles below the Tiaghdaton picnic grounds. With some luck, someone will be around to point out the nest to you. Get off the bike path at the Village of Blackwell turning left onto Rt. 414.

  Blackwell is a nice place to stop for lunch. Rt. 414 is a paved state road and carries a lot of traffic especially during weekends so be careful of the traffic.  Continue east 3.7 miles on Rt. 414 until you come to the Stony Fork Road.  Turn left on the Stony Fork Road. The bridge over Babbs Creek is gone so you have to wade the creek here.  The water is 6" to 12" deep. Continue 6.6 miles up Stony Fork Road.  A couple of miles up the road you come to a series of the best swimming holes in the area.  In general, wherever there is a clear parking area and a path to the stream, there is a nice swimming hole.  At this point in the ride, I love to jump into cool refreshing Stony Fork Creek.

After you exit the woods and go through some farm country, you come to the Village of Draper and the intersection with Kelsey Street.  Turn right onto Kelsey Street and continue 7.0 miles back to Wellsboro.  The ride up Kelsey Street is a long gradual uphill.  Not really much of a problem.  Also, the road carries a fair amount of traffic so be careful here as well.

Shortly after entering Wellsboro, you intersect with West Avenue. Turn right and continue .6 miles back to the Green to complete the ride.