Wellsboro Town and Country Loop

Distance: 5.5 miles          Topo/GPS Map 

The Wellsboro Town and Country Loop is as much a walk or jogging loop as a bike loop.  The loop takes you through Wellsboro and into the surrounding hills before dropping back down into the town. The views from the top of the hill are spectacular.  At the top of the hill, you can see the contrast between the low plateau and the high plateau that really shapes the economy of the area.  The low plateau is underlain by a softer Allegheny shale that erodes into rolling hills that characterize the Wellsboro area, below left.  The high plateau is underlain by harder Pocono shale that erodes into the plateau blocks and canyons that characterize the country west of Wellsboro, below right in the distance.  The low plateau is able to support pastureland, which in the past supported a dairy and sheep industry in the area and now is being turned into home sites. The high plateau was basically abandoned after being lumbered at the turn of the century.  It sits about 500 feet higher. On top it's brutally cold in winter, lacking in fresh water in summer, with very rocky soil, and isolated.  As a result of these conditions, no agriculture developed up there and nobody took up residence there. The hillsides are to steep for pasture and the canyons too narrow for settlement except in a few scattered places.  After lumbering, the high plateau was basically abandoned, then acquired by the state and turned into the state and national forests that comprise the Pennsylvania Wilds.

  Fischler Street hill looking back over over the Town of Wellsboro
Top of the Fischler Street hill looking toward the High Plateau

Getting There
Start at the Green in Wellsboro.

Route Description
Starting at the Green in Wellsboro ride out Main Street two blocks to King Street. turn right on King Street to West Water Street which looks like an alley just over the bridge across Kelsey Creek. Turn left on West Water and ride to where the road ends at Stickly Street. The route just keeps you off Main Street and West Avenue which you could also ride out the Stickly Street.  Turn right on Stickly Street to Fischler Street and left on Fischler Street. At this point you will leave the town behind and begin climbing the hill up through some fields and scattered houses.  In 1.25 miles near the top of the hill the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right. Be sure to stop at the top of the hill and enjoy the views back toward Wellsboro or ahead over Marsh  Creek Valley. In .75 miles you come to McKissick Road or Upper Heise Run Road depending on which side of the intersection you are on.  Turn right on McKissick Road.  In a mile the road become Bodine Street and begins the down hill back into Wellsboro. Another .5 miles brings you to Nichols Street.  Turn right on Nichols and .5 miles back t the Green.