Straight Run Loop 

Distance: 14 Miles                    Topo/GPS Map    

The Straight Run Loop starts in a very scenic valley and quickly moves into the state forest and some remote and very scenic wooded areas. The 3.8 mile ascent up Straight Run is long but not steep. There are some nice scenic views looking north after you get on Sand Run Road. The downhill back into the valley is long and luxurious. There is a nice picnic area and campground at the junction of Right Asaph Run Road and Left Asaph Run Road . The ride along Asaph Run downstream from the picnic areas is very scenic.

Getting There
To get there, follow Rt. 6 west out of Wellsboro for about 8 miles.Turn right at the sign for the Asaph Fish and Wildlife Research Lab. You'll see the lab as you approach the intersection with March Creek Road. I always park in the lab parking lot, otherwise you can park along the road wherever you can pull off to the side.  

Straight Run Road as it traverses Ansonia Basin
A cabin on Sand Run Road

Route Description
Turn right coming out the lab parking lot onto Straight Run Road. The road is flat as it traverses the remainder of the basin. As you enter the state forest, the road begins to climb up the plateau. The climb is gentle most of the way but does get steep at the end. After 3.8 miles you come to a T intersection with Baldwin Run Road. Turn left onto Baldwin Run Road. After a bit more uphill, the road levels off as you ride through a small development of cabins. This is followed by a very nice downhill. Be sure to look at the view across the lower plateau as you descend the hill. This stretch of road is about 1.6 miles.

At the bottom of the hill you come to another T intersection. Turn left onto Sand Road. There is a road sign and a state forest bulletin board. Follow Sand Road for about 2.7 miles. The ride on Sand Road is very nice. It starts flat and then a nice downhill. There is a good view off to the right as you break out of the woods at the start of the downhill. Unfortunately, the downhill is followed by an uphill climb, which at this point in the ride is not welcome, but it's not very long. At the top the road flattens out and begins a long downhill drift. There are some wetlands and beaver ponds to the right of the road near the intersection with the Hesselgessel Road.

Continue straight until you come to the intersection with Right Asaph Run Road. This intersection can be a little confusing as it's in the form of a triangle. Sand Run Road splits into two prongs and Right Asaph Run Road forms the base of the triangle. Just keep to the left and you can't go wrong. Turn left onto Right Asaph Run Road. Right Asaph Run Road continues the downhill drift for another 3.4 miles. After 2.5 miles you come to the intersection with Left Asaph Run Road. Turn left at this intersection. There is a forestry department picnic area and campground at the junction of Right Asaph Run and Left Asaph Run. The area is very scenic, perhaps the most scenic woods in the county.

Follow Asaph Run Road downstream. About one mile below the picnic ground is a bridge across Asaph Run and a short uphill. After another .5 miles you exit the state forest and begin the last of the decent into Marsh Creek Valley. Continue straight through the small Village of Asaph. At the T intersection with Marsh Creek Road, turn left. After .5 miles you'll be back at the research lab.