Leetonia Loop

Distance: 19 miles or 21 miles                Topo/GPS Map

The Leetonia Loops ride is different from the other rides in that it begins on the top of the plateau so its downhill first and uphill last. The ride also has two uphill rather than one as the road drops down from the top of Cedar Mountain before you climb back up to the top of the plateau.  The ride begins and ends in the deep woods on the west side of Pine Creek Canyon. The ride is very scenic, especially in June when the laurel is in bloom.  There is a scenic overlook on Cedar Mountain Road.

Getting There
Follow Rt. 6 west out of Wellsboro to Ansonia. Follow the signs to Colton Point State Park. If you want a longer ride begin at the state park. Otherwise continue down the Colton Point Road.  At the intersection with the Painter Leetonia Road turn left following the switchback.  Follow the Painter Leetonia Road to the intersection with Big Thompson Hollow Road. Park along the side the road at the intersection. Its about 4.5 miles from Colton Point to the start.

Village of Leetonia deep in the woods of Tioga
Thompson Hollow Road at Cedar Run Road

Route Description
Begin the ride by continuing along the Painter Leetonia Road following the switchback. The road wanders back and forth as it follows the contour of the land making a relatively flat ride. In 6.5 miles you come to the intersection with the West Rim Road. Stay straight on the Painter Leetonia Road and begin a 4 mile downhill run to the Village of Leetonia.

You pass an old CCC camp as you enter Leetonia then cross Cedar Run on a bridge.  Turn right at the T intersection in Leetonia and follow Cedar Mountain Road up and over Cedar Mountain. Its about 5 miles to the top of the hill. This is a hard uphill and one of the reasons I dont do this ride very often. There is a complex of roads on the flat area on top of the mountain. Just continue straight across the flat area. There is a scenic overlook near the top of Cedar Mountain.

In .5 miles you come to the intersection with Mill Run Road.  At the intersection with Mill Run Road you can continue 1.5 miles on Cedar Mountain Road to Big Thompson Hollow Road and turn right on Big Thompson Hollow Road 1 mile to the intersection with Mill Run Road or follow Mill Run Road 4 miles to Big Thompson Hollow Road.  The Mill Run Road goes through a dense stand of Laurel which is spectacular in June when the Laurel is in bloom.

Continue on Big Thompson Hollow Road 2 miles back to your car to complete the ride.