Baldwin Run Loops  

Distance: 13 miles and 19 miles           Topo/GPS Map 

The Baldwin Run Loops are my favorite tune up rides in the spring. The 3.8 mile ascent up Baldwin Run is long but not steep and has some nice flat stretches. The loops offer a variety of scenery and riding experiences. The rides start in farm country and quickly take the rider into big woods that are fairly remote.  At the intersection with Canada Road there is a large wetland that provides a good bird and wildlife viewing opportunity. The downhill on Canada Run Road or Straight Run Road is very long. The return on Marsh Creek Road and the Pine Creek Bike Path is through farm country but also traverses a number of interesting wetland areas.

Getting There
From the Green in Wellsboro, drive 2.7 miles west on Rt. 6 and Rt. 287. Turn right on Rt. 287 where the routes split. Continue .3 miles north on Rt. 287. Turn left at the next intersection onto Marsh Creek Road then a quick left onto Butler Road. Park in the lot for the Pine Creek Bike Path.

Canada Run at the intersection with Baldwin Run
Marsh at the intersection of Baldwin Run and Cranberry Run

Route Description
Begin the ride by going back down Butler Road. Continue across March Creek Road for .3 miles to Baldwin Run Road. Turn left onto Baldwin Run Road. The next 3.8 miles will be uphill with some flat areas.  As you gain elevation you leave the farm country behind and enter Tioga State Forest. You cross a pipeline near the top of the hill. 

After you reach the top, continue on Baldwin Run Road through the state forest. The road will be flat with some downhill drifts and a few small uphills. After an additional 1.6 miles or 5.4 miles into the ride you will see a road coming in from the left. This is Canada Run Road.  Immediately across from the intersection is a large wetland which sometimes provides good views of beaver and various birds.

For the shorter loop
Turn left on Canada Run Road and enjoy a 3.5 mile decent back into Marsh Creek Valley. Toward the bottom, the road fords a stream. There is a footbridge about 100 feet downstream from the ford. Turn left at the T intersection with Marsh Creek Road.  Continue .8 miles to the intersection with Webster Road. Turn right and get on the Pine Creek Bike Path. Turn left on the bike path and continue 3.25 miles back to your car.

For the longer loop
Continue on Baldwin Run Road past the intersection with Canada Run Road. After a short distance more on Baldwin Run Road, you come to a complex intersection. Baldwin Run Road exits the intersection to the left. After another 1.0 mile you come to the intersection with Straight Run Road.  Turn left on Straight Run Road and begin a 3.8 mile downhill run back into Marsh Creek Valley. Shortly after crossing Marsh Creek Road, youll come to the Pine Creek Bike Path.  Turn left onto the bike path and continue 5.3 miles back to your car.