Asaph Run Loop

Distance: 19 miles                Topo/GPS Map

The Asaph Run Loop is a very nice ride through a variety of environments including big woods and agricultural areas. The beginning of the trip along Asaph Run to the picnic grounds is particularly scenic. The only thing I don't like about this ride is a rather large downhill halfway through the ride which unfortunately results in quite a bit of uphill to get back on top of the plateau. Also, this ride is difficult to navigate as you circle around from Left Asaph Run Road to Right Asaph Run Road.

Getting There
Follow Rt. 6 west out of Wellsboro. Stay on Rt. 6 where Rt. 287 splits off. Continue on Rt. 6 another 5.4 miles. Turn right at the sign for the Asaph Fish Research Lab. You'll see the lab as you approach the intersection with March Creek Road. Turn left on Marsh Creek Road for .5 miles then right on Asaph Run Road. Drive to the beginning of the state forest and park anywhere along the road where there is a pull off after entering the state forest.

Asaph Run Picnic Area at the junction of Left and Right Asaph Run Roads
A restroom and campground are located to the left of the bridge

Route Description

The ride begins with a nice ride along a relatively flat but scenic road perched above Asaph Run. About .5 miles from the state forest entrance you'll pass the Fire Tower Road. Those who want a bit of true trail riding can go up the Fire Tower Road for about 2 miles, then turn right on the Old Supply Trail and follow the Old Supply Trail back to Left Asaph Run Road.  From there you can continue the Asaph Loop or circle back to your car. Otherwise, stay on Asaph Run Road.

In a short distance, the road descends to the level of the creek, goes over a nice bridge and follows along the creek another .9 miles to the Asaph picnic grounds. At this point the road splits into Left and Right Asaph Run Roads or less commonly into Big and Little Asaph Run Roads. Take the left fork and follow Left Asaph Run Road for 4.4 miles to Shin Hollow Road alternately called Gurnee Road. Left Asaph Run Road is a long gradual uphill that will take you up to the top of the plateau. At 3.4 miles you'll pass the intersection with the Old Supply Trail. As described above, you could also loop back to your car by way of the Old Supply Trail and the Fire Tower Road

To continue the loop, turn right on Shin Hollow (Gurnee) Road and ride for 1.4 mile to Gains Township Road T368 (Ackley Road). A small green township road sign marks the road.  Follow Gains Township Road T368 for 1.5 miles. Then turn right on Church Hill Road, which is also Clymer Township Road T559. You will shortly enjoy a nice long downhill into an interesting small valley.  Unfortunately, you then have to climb out of this valley.  

After 1.4 miles on Church Hill Road you will come to Azelta Road, which is also Clymer Township Road T559. Continue for about .6 miles to the next intersection, which is a T intersection. Turn right at this intersection. The road is unmarked but about .5 miles up you'll see a sign that calls it Reynolds Road. On the Google map its Cummings Road. On Topo USA its T454.  Who knows what this road is actually called. Follow the multi named road for 1 mile to the intersection with Right Asaph Run Road.

You'll see a state forest sign as you turn onto Right Asaph Run Road. About .5 miles you'll begin the long downhill return to end the ride.  In about 1.6 mile you'll come to the intersection with Sand Road. Stay to the right at this intersection continuing downhill. Continue another 2.5 miles back to the Asaph picnic grounds, then follow Asaph Run Road back to your car.